Thanks for complying to annoying poses when I wanna take photos, my secret Guardian angel.

How you never fail to greet us or wake us with your barks, how you always keep us in mind, bring us joy and always being my portable towel when I bawl my eyes out.

I’ll never forget you my little Gabby Yue bin bin Mao chooot chooot govinda Samy. @janyue #gabbyyue


The last funny photo I managed to take of him yesterday. I BURST out laughing when u saw this photo. 😭

What more can I say, I love my folks to bits. Thanks for waiting for me, buying me supper and surprising me with a 🎂 I’m so blessed to have such a loving family who dotes on me so much. I couldn’t ask for more. :) #yuefamily @janyue

Hahaha @janyue 💟

Omg I wish I could walk in. “Challenge 10 Shots for HKD $198” #thisisformyalcoholicfriends

Parents lol. #yuefamily #macau

St Luke’s :) at Macau @janyue

Super emo, dropped my phone and LED cracked.:( #notfatedtohaveaphone but thanks to the Lao peh, he happily paid for the change of my led. My Sony is not sensitive anymore but thank God all my data is still in tact. :) #positivethinking :)

Daddy selfie pro :) #yuefamily

#hongkong #gopro :)

#hongkong  #gopro  

First meal! :) #yuefamily @janyue

Hong Kong here we come!! #yuefamily @janyue

This is what makes us girls says Lana Del Rey @blessannluah :))) happy birthday b!

#vscocam #throwback #crazyhair

Getting Gabby to eat :)